Hydratherma Naturals

First off I want to thank Hydratherma Naturals for taking the time out to send me some of their products to review for you guys. Let me begin by mentioning that these are my personal and honest opinion on Hydratherma Natural product line. If I could describe these products in one word I wold say AMAZING, they were literally a gift sent from heaven. They have also become my favorite natural hair care line, I am actually upset I haven’t used these products sooner.

I was sent Hydratherma Natural Scalp Soothing Shampoo Bar, Amino Plus Protein Deep Conditioning Treatment, Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion and lastly Growth Oil. First, scalp soothing shampoo bar, this was my first experience with a shampoo bar and let me say Hydratherma Natural did not disappointment. As soon as the bar hit the water it instantly lather up. I apply it from roots to end and than work it into my scalp. Immediately my scalp felt so moisturizing, lets not forget the fresh smell of the shampoo bar. Once I work it into my four sections and rinse out the product my curls were poppin’. Next, I condition my hair using the Amino Plus Protein Deep Conditioning, one of the first thing I notice was the smell it is soooo amazing, next was the slip of the product it was very light weight and nice consistency. I  left the conditioner in my hair for a couple minutes and for a better deep conditioner I added the growth oil too and let that sit in my hair for 30 minutes.To style my hair I started by using my leave in conditioner, than I used my growth oil and daily moisturizing growth lotion and stared to twist my hair. Both of these product were both light weight and made my hair very easy to detangle and twist.The growth oil has become one of my everyday essential, I am so in love with the scent and how light weight the product is. It did not make my hair feel heavy at all. One of the things I love about the Hydrathema Naturals product line that each of the products had their own personal scent, mine personal favorite had to be the Moisturizing Growth Lotion it wasn’t that strong just right, but I also love that it didn’t leave product build up in my hair it was very soft and moisturizing,

Overall I had an amazing experience with the products and stand 100% behind Hydratherma Naturals.I also recommend these products to any natural out there! You can get yours at http://www.hydrathermanaturals.com/16/home.htm 

Again, I wanted to thank Hydratherma Naturals for sending me their amazing products! Be sure to check them out on the link above! Photo

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